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  • Rio is no island

    Interconnected, not isolated: RIO connects vehicles and logistics systems. That ensures fast, smart processes and increased profits.

  • RIO is everyone’s darling.

    Welcome everywhere: RIO is compatible with all manufacturers’ systems. That ensures more efficient, individually optimised fleet management.

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  • RIO rolls, floats, flies.

    Hand in hand: RIO organises all transportation modes simultaneously. That makes work in multimodal transport chains simpler, faster and more environmentally friendly.

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  • RIO leaves no gaps.

    Space is money: RIO helps optimise your use of transport capacities. That conserves resources, protects the environment – and increases your profitability.

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  • Rio is tightly sealed.

    Does alot, keeps shut: Rio meets the highest data protection standards. For your peace of mind – to enable you to focus on things that really matter.

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